XXIII th annual prestigious International  Conference


The date: 8th - 9th June 2022

The Place: Velkopřevorský palác, Lázeňská 2, Praha 1

Téma :  (UN)MASTERED DIGITALIZATION ...what about the mankind?

Laureate of the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame 2022: Jan Beroun

Great ideas and fresh inspiration from ourrenowned speakers

The topic of cyber protection of vehicles is popularized thanks to new legislation. In addition to meeting legislative requirements, it is also important that manufacturers strive to protect the...

In 2018, he joined the FN Ostrava as Deputy Director for IT, where he is currently working. He has been actively involved in cybersecurity issues in the healthcare sector since 2016.

is a researcher in the areas of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, human computation, crowdsourcing and human-AI symbiosis. His research domain is disinformation combatting through...

How Anonymous together with Cyber-partisans in Belarus came to the foreground, due to the occurrences in Ukraine, will be discussed by the founder of the course of criminology and cybercrime in the...

Pete Herzog, creator of HackerHighschool.org, a discrete problem-solver, security researcher and hacker. He lives by the motto: Hack everything but harm none.

If you ask (not only) hospital top managers about cyber security, they will almost certainly tell you that it is hot topic for them and the hospital invests a lot of money into it. But is it really...

has been working in Hospital Jihlava, in the ICT department for more than 24 years, at first as an information-systems administrator, currently as the Deputy for Informatics and Cyber Security. From...

Amelia is a security analyst and trainer. From the beginning of her path in the cyber security industry, she’s been working with and learning from acknowledged security professionals.

Miroslav is active at LEGALITÉ law firm and as a director of the company LEGALITÉ Data Protection Services s.r.o. focusing on data and information security. 

In addition to his work for the Marshall Center, he is presently serving as the Senior Adviser to the NATO/PfPC Emerging Security Challenges Study Group, where he heads cybersecurity education...

The European Union is preparing a new cybersecurity regulation, NIS 2. The presentation will describe how this directive will affect the amendment to the Cybersecurity Act and how it will affect the...

She is PhD candidate at Faculty of Applied Informatics of Tomas Bata University in Zlin. Her specialisation is improvement of security monitoring with usage of open-source or not financially...

Josef, holder of the prestigious Lawyer of the Year award in the field of ICT law for 2014, is the head of the ICT Law specialization at law firm ROWAN LEGAL as well as being a registered mediator...

Dedicates himself to projects and training in the field of cybersecurity, the fight against cybercrime, user protection, etc., both at the national and international level.

Is a cybersecurity instructor in Italian courses focusing on Blockchain Technology and having the opportunity to cooperate with recognized experts in the field.

 Which threats target the Czech Republic? Trends from telemetry and experience Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, Czech organizations still face billions of brute-force attacks targeted...

Helio was CIO at the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, he is a Master's student in Cyber Security, Post-Graduate in IT Management and Digital Expertise. Graduated in Information Systems from the...

What would you do if another country attacked yours without provocation? Should your country create a cyber militia as a normal part of a cyber security support organization? This will be...

Mobile documents are on the rise and are becoming common practice in identifying citizens and verifying their eligibility. A mobile ID solution will be rolled out across the EU within two years.

Adéla focuses on conflicts in cyberspace and cyberactivism. She graduated summa cum laude from the School of War Studies at King's College London. She has led research projects on cyber and...

Consultant and system architect with more than 15 years of experience in information technology. He focuses primarily on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with a primary emphasis on the...

Panel discussion


Vojtěch Eliáš
Catholic priest


Tom Philipp
PS Parliament of the Czech Republic


Ondřej Profant


Daniel Rous


Viktor Seige

How are we doing with digitization in comparison to the world? What are the main obstacles and problems that we have to face in order to a faster digitization? Has the COVID-19 pandemic worked as a positive catalyst to accelerate digital transformation? Are there any areas that are potentially problematic in terms of digitization in relation to mankind and ethics? These are just a few examples of issues that will be discussed. The width of professional and field orientation of the panel participants promises different perspectives and lively discussion on a topic, that affects literally each of us. 

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