Petr Štický


Cybersecurity implementation in the automotive sector

The topic of cyber protection of vehicles is popularized thanks to new legislation. In addition to meeting legislative requirements, it is also important that manufacturers strive to protect the vehicle in a preventive manner during development. The focus is on the development phase with risk assessment, including vehicle design measures, followed by active monitoring and reactions to threats and attacks to road safety.

The aim of this paper is to start by describing the differences between the automotive industry and the mainstream IT world, then to describe the strategy for implementing cybersecurity and to demonstrate the newly opening field of automotive digitalization with concrete examples.

Only this description will make it possible to understand and thus support the automotive industry, originally built on the mechanical characteristics of vehicles, and its gradual transformation into a field primarily reserved for IT giants.

Petr Štický

Petr Štický is head of the GQS department at Škoda Auto a.s. His main task is to detect, develop and deploy quality concepts of new technologies in the early stages of projects to increase customer satisfaction and safety. His main areas of expertise are vehicle electronics, cyber security and information technology. He is involved in key projects in the field of digitalization and company transformation.

Until 2003, his career was active in the Army of the Czech Republic in the field of electronics, radio electronics, and electronic warfare including support to other NATO armies.