About IS2 conference

IS2 is a prestige, independent and international conference about information security held in Prague since the year 2000. The 24th conference took place on  the 24th - 25th of May on the topic IS2 – “Frailty of the Digital World”.

The conference IS2, organized traditionally under the auspices of important representatives of the Czech government and state authorities, increases the awareness of important trends in the area of information security and allows companies and public administration organizations to decrease risks and face potential threads better.

The conference is regularly held in historic buildings in Prague, so we can help foreign participants, as well as Czech ones, get closer to the history of the Czech Republic. The previous conferences were held e.g., in Klementinum, Trojský Palác, Anežský klášter, Míčovna Pražského hradu and in the jubilee year in Karolinum Univerzity Karlovy.

For 20 years there have been almost 350 highly respected international and national figures – such as Robert Bigman, retired CIA security chief, Eugene Schultz, adviser to the US government during the Gulf War, Roger Needham, member of the Royal Society of Science and the Royal Academy of Engineering and co-founder of Microsoft Research Cambridge, Bill Hancock, chairman of a special group for the US Department of Homeland Security, Pete Herzog, creator of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), Süleyman Anil, leader of cyber defence ESCD in NATO, Jeff Bardin, main intelligence officer of Treadstone71, John Rogers Searle, significant American philosopher, Miroslav Singer, ex- governor of the Czech National Bank or Martin Maisner, a renowned lawyer dealing with ICT law.

In their speeches, they pay particular attention to the main ICT trends and visions with an emphasis on cybersecurity. The spectrum of lectures is very wide – from conceptional and strategic questions, legislative developments to mapping the latest trends and directions in the field of IT security.

The conference has already welcomed over 2000 participants from the middle and senior management, both from financial, telecommunications, utilities, IT, as well as from academic environment and, of course, the state administration. Their positive evaluation confirms, that the IS2 is considered one of the highlights in the conference season.