About IS2 conference

Information Security Summit – IS2 is a prestigious independent international conference held in Prague since 2000. The lectures and accompanying programs of the conference always seek to respond openly to current topics of personal and system data security in all professional areas that are affected by ICT technologies. The spectrum of lectures is very wide. The conference topics discuss conceptual and strategic IT security issues, related legislative developments and trends in own technological solutions at national and international level.

The IS2 conference, traditionally organized under the auspices of prominent representatives of the Czech government and state authorities, raises awareness of important trends in the field of information security and enables companies and public administration organizations to reduce risks and better face potential threats.

The conference is regularly organized in historic buildings in Prague for participants from both the Czech Republic and abroad to learn more about the history of the Czech Republic. Past editions have been held in Klementinum, Troja Castle, Agnes Monastery, the Prague Castle Ballroom, Karolinum of Charles University or in the Sternberg Palace at Hradčany.

We are preparing the IS2 conference in a hybrid mode as well, mainly due to concerns about cyber warfare, impacts on critical infrastructure and threats to the comfort of the population, disinformation, but at the same time we are aware of the importance of face-to-face meetings, opportunities for discussion and education. We put emphasis on the key themes of the conference, which are cybersecurity, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Over the past twenty-four years, conference welcomed almost 5000 participants from the middle and senior management of companies mainly from financial, ICT, critical Infrastructure of the Czech Republic or academia and, of course, from the government. Their positive evaluation confirms that IS2 is considered one of the highlights of the conference season.

Also, more than 700 high-ranking speakers have spoken at this konference respected foreign and domestic personalities.

To name a few: Robert Bigman (CIA Chief of Security Emeritus), Eugene Schultz (Advisor to the US government during the first Gulf War), Roger Needham (Fellow of the Royal Society of Science and the Royal Academy of Engineering, co-founder of Microsoft Research Cambridge), Bill Hancock (Chairman of the US Information Security Task Force of the Department of Homeland Defense), Pete Herzog ( "Father" of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual - OSSTMM), Süleyman Anil (Emeritus Head of Cyber Defence ESCD at NATO), Jeffrey Bardin (Treadstone 71's chief intelligence officer emeritus, worked for the U.S. AirForce or the U.S. National Guard), John Rogers Searle (Distinguished American philosopher), Oldrich Martinů (Former Deputy Director of Europol), Karel Rehka (Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic), Jan Beroun (Director of Military Intelligence of the Czech Republic), Rois ni Thuama (Winner of the EU Cyber Woman of the Year award and member of Barclay's Tech 100).

In 2024, we will hold the XXV anniversary edition on 29-30 May.

The conference is organised by TATE International s.r.o., an independent ICT platform with an emphasis on cyber security. Apart from organizing the prestigious IS2 conference, organizing professional and social meetings Metamorphosis and publishing the professional quarterly DSM, which was the first in the Czech Republic to focus on this issue years ago, it is also the organizer of the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame award.