XXI th annual prestigious International  Conference

IS2 - information security Summit

Unique opportunity in Prague to meet, discuss and engage

21. - 22. October 2020

The preparations for the IS2 conference are in full swing.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague.

XXI th annual prestigious International

conference on information security

Unique opportunity in Prague to meet, discuss and engage

21. - 22. October 2020

Statement from TATE International, the organizer of IS2 2020, on coronavirus, 11 March 2020.

Dear guests, partners, participants, speakers and all supporters,

thank you for your cooperation at XXI. year of the IS2 - Information Security Summit, and the confidence you have placed in us.

In connection with the measures and regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Czech Republic in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have responded and have changed the date of the XXI. year of the IS2 conference from May to October. The new date is 21-22 October 2020.

We believe that the change in date is convenient for you and we will devote the time to making selected presentations from previous IS2 years available to the general public. In connection with our goal, we are open to new opportunities for our cooperation.

XXI. year of the IS2 is ready and the topic is IS2 - Cyberspace in our lives ...threats and blurred frontiers. We are updating the conference program and adding urgent topics. Due to the uncertainty regarding the possibility of traveling outside the border by October, we are working with the speakers on a solution to provide their lectures even in the event of potential obstacles.

In a time of the pandemic, health is the main concern, however, it has turned out that IT is an important helper, especially in these times and can help us with this difficult challenge. Cybersecurity is the alpha and omega of today's IT world and we believe we can contribute to promoting its importance.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you good health and a lot of optimism.
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21.-22. October 2020

Wednesday - Thursday

Conference Venue

More information will be posted soon!

Conference will be simultaneously translated (Czech/English)

Looking back at the past year

Do not miss
21st IS2 conference
Please accept our invitation to the XXI. year of the IS2 conference. As always, IS2 2020 will bring together renowned international experts and provide you leading-edge thinking on key cyber security topics and concepts.

Great ideas and fresh inspiration from ourrenowned speakers

Jeff Bardin is currently serving as the Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone71, a private intelligence company, and a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance...

He helps raise awareness about pro-Kremlin disinformation campaigns and he was responsible for the EUvsDisinfo campaign...

 Why is disinformation dangerous? And what is the Czech state doing to protect its interests and those of its citizens from hybrid campaigns and disinformation?

iHub superintendent in Holland shows practical ways to deploy Intentional Privacy…

What is critical information infrastructure for CETIN – difference between critical information infrastructure and critical infrastructure? What must CETIN protect?

CISO for the E.ON. Group will present current trends and talk about changing role in cyber security…

Panel discussion

Who oversees the high level of the IS2 conference programme

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Information Security with IS2

The conference is intended primarily for senior and middle management from the public and commercial sectors

Especially for public administration, utilities and finance

Information security and personal data specialists will also be pleased

For all those involved in building and managing information security within their organizations or projects

Conference to be held under the patronage of

Tomáš Petříček
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ing. Jan Bartošek
Brigadier General Jan Beroun
Director of the Military Intelligence
Vladimír Dzurilla
Government Designated Representative for IT and Digitalization
RNDr. Josef Postránecký
State Secretary at ministry of the Interior
Ing. Jaroslav Šmíd
National Cyber and Information Security Agency
JUDr. Ivana Janů
The Office for Personal Data Protection
Ing. Vladimír Dlouhý, CSc.
President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce
Pavel Štěpánek

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