Helio SantAna


Cyber Workforce Outage: A global issue

The lecture will take into the recent problems involving several sectors and how the lack of cyber talents are affecting business development and the sustainability of cyber  projects around the world, how cyber criminals are taking advantage of this issue and what options we have to tackle this global issue.

Helio SantAna 

Helio was CIO at the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, he is a Master's student in Cyber Security, Post-Graduate in IT Management and Digital Expertise. Graduated in Information Systems from the Euro-American University Center in Brazil. He has held several management positions in Information Technology units, working since 2001, working in the Private Sector, Civil and Military Public Bodies. He also has experience in the elaboration of Government Policies, Protection of Personal Data, Information Security and Cybernetics, Innovation and Modernization and Crisis Management and Risk Management and Compliance.