Nicol Daňková


SOC in 2022 – How to keep up with changes in cyberspace?

Nowadays are most of companies aware, that Information Security is a “must have”. It is no longer a topic, which would be dedicated to financial sector only. It is a common knowledge, that victim of cyber attack can be any company, of any size and of any kind of industry. 

Despite that aren’t some companies taking care of security personnel’s continuous education. 

Why it’s not enough just to hire skilled experts, who have knowledge already? What opportunities are available for security personnel? Why is crucial cooperation and knowledge sharing across various departments in one company? 

Nicol Daňková

is the member of DHL IT Services Europe in the role of Manager of Cyber Defense Center 24/7 Monitoring. This team is defending cyberspace of the whole Deutsche Post DHL group in regime 24/7/365. Its environment is containing hundreds of thousands of endpoints and over 500 000 employees over the world. She has started her career in cyber security in the same company 5 years ago. 

She is PhD candidate at Faculty of Applied Informatics of Tomas Bata University in Zlin. Her specialisation is improvement of security monitoring with usage of open-source or not financially demanding. Aim of her research is to come up with security monitoring solutions, which can be implemented also in smaller organisations without generous funding for their security departments. 

Nicol has achieved CISSP, GCIH, ITIL 4 and GCFE certifications.