Amelia Szczuchniak


How To Eat A Bad Phish

Turning something bad into something good - is it even possible? This might sound like a question for ancient philosophers, bordering somewhere in between ethics, morality, and fantasy. However, with modern technologies come, new opportunities come. Collective efforts and the right tooling can make that transformation happen. 

Def3nse is not a regular bug bounty program. It uses technology that makes it possible for human and artificial intelligence to collaborate in real-time in complex problem-solving. It combines the power of Bayesian Inference Networks and advanced APIs to collect data about detected attacks and suspicious links. All the records are sanitized (we don’t want anyone to click on a malicious link and download a virus!), and then go to the feed.  

While browsing the feed, users will observe malicious campaigns that are happening on the internet real-time! This gives them an opportunity to spot emerging threats and examine well-known dangers more thoroughly.  

Def3nse is a tool. Combined with a curious mind and scrumptious approach of an analyst, it becomes a powerful tool. We want to prove that collaboration is the future of malware hunting. 

Amelia Szczuchniak

is a security analyst and trainer working for ISECOM. From the beginning of her path in the cyber security industry, she’s been working with and learning from acknowledged security professionals. She’s been teaching Hacker Highschool classes aimed for teenagers and conducting on-site cyber security trainings for the military. In the future, Amelia wants to focus on cyber forensics and cyber crime. Her life-long love for Sherlock Holmes has helped her master her doxxing skills. She’s passionate about music and thus involved in a music research project.