Pete Herzog


„SOC for Influencers“

While cybersecurity vendors fight for the market share they are ignoring the hundreds of thousands of people who are running extremely successful businesses that are not businesses. They are called influencers. They don't have offices, work from their phones, and switching networks as they go. They generate millions of dollars from a picture, an NFT, a coin, or a few words. Yet they don't have good security because they don't suffer under the same threats as normal businesses. And this is how we help them.

Pete Herzog

Co-founder of The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies, AI R&D, and AI Music. Creator of the OSSTMM,, and the Cybersecurity Playbook. Pete Herzog is a discrete problem-solver, straight-shooter, security researcher, and hacker. He lives by the motto: Hack everything but harm none. He has over 30 years of security experience and has applied his hacking techniques to everything from AI to Zero-Trust. Obviously he has no social life.