Jan Kolouch


SOC – „must have“ 

Security Operation Centre (SOC) is simply a solution that you must have in the present day. Is that so? Will the SOC solve your problems instead of you? And how does the hSOC, for example, fit into this concept? The lecture will try to answer not only the question above. 

Jan Kolouch

doc. JUDr. Jan Kolouch, Ph.D. has been working in the CESNET association for a long time, as well as lecturing at many Universities, where he teaches subjects dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity. He also cooperates with the CZ.NIC association and the CERT/CSIRT security teams on several activities. 

The focus of his professional interest is the issue of the applicability of law and liability for cybercrime. Jan Kolouch also dedicates himself to other projects and training in the field of cybersecurity, the fight against cybercrime, user protection, etc., both at the national and international level. 

Jan Kolouch tries to increase the awareness of the lay and professional public particularly in the field of cybercrime and cybersecurity.