David Zažímal


Digital transformation and increasing cyber security in Hospital Jihlava

"Digital transformation" is not just a concept, but a long-term process, on top of that, in the healthcare sector, a very complex one. It is also very similar to the topic of cybersecurity. Anyone who has worked in the healthcare sector for at least a short time is aware of the difficulty to achieve some process changes in this field. And the bigger the hospital, the harder it gets to make a change. Unfortunately, the Czech healthcare sector continues to suffer from a very underestimated perception of the ICT role in the healthcare ecosystem. The hospitals that are successful in it are extremely rare.

Hospital Jihlava has long been involved in many ICT fields. The main one includes the above-mentioned digital transformation or, if you like, "process computerisation ", the improvement of the cyber security and, last but not least, the employee training.

Hospital Jihlava started with the computerisation of processes in 2018. It is a very positive to see how ICT can be used to simplify the medical-staff work in the real conditions. This was most evident at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when Hospital Jihlava had to implement a new information system that affected almost all its staff. It is certainly worth mentioning, that the entire implementation process, including the training of about a thousand employees, was managed on-line, under "covid measures " and without a single personal meeting between the contractor and the hospital staff.

Since 2021, Hospital Jihlava has been appointed an operator of the basic service under the Cybersecurity Act , in particular, in the field of the health-service provision. For the hospital, this was an opportunity to further direct its steps in building and improving its cybersecurity. The hospital management also decided to include the pursuit of the international ISO 27000 certification in the ISMS project. We are all aware of the fact that the security is not bought, but built from the ground up.

Hospital Jihlava also pays a lot of attention to the employee education, both in the area of digital-literacy improvement and int the cyber-security awareness.  For the future, we have been planning

David Zažímal

has been working in Hospital Jihlava, in the ICT department for more than 24 years, at first as an information-systems administrator, currently as the Deputy for Informatics and Cyber Security. From 2009 to 2019, he also held the position of the eHealth Coordinator for the Vysočina Region, where he implemented many projects within the region and its hospitals in the regional scope. From his achievements it is worth mentioning the eMeDocS project (the exchange of the medical documentation among the healthcare providers), in which he has been  the co-author. I In 2011, this project won the IT-ProjectoftheYear 2011 Award (Cacio). He is a graduate of a governmental program IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program - state.gov), which was focused on ICT issues and was facilitated by the USA Embassy in the Czech Republic. In 2020, he participated in a several-week visit to  the eHealth-focused institutions in the US .