Petr Foltýn


Validating cyber resilience, how users' cyber education is evolving

Ensuring cybersecurity is one of the important, if not the key, agenda of every healthcare facility today. Significant financial resources are invested in technical resources and significant staff capacity in non-technical ones. However, the most critical element of an organization is always its end user, who can playfully overcome the entire security construct that has been built. 

For these reasons, users are given sustained attention in every organization, including education efforts to ensure safe behaviour with IT resources and related subsequent testing of this behaviour in the form of vulnerability tests.  The aim of the lecture is to present a comprehensive approach to cyber education in the FN Ostrava, including the already implemented large-scale user testing in 2022, which included the area of social engineering in addition to the standard scheme. 

Petr Foltýn

From 2006-2015, he led the sales and technical teams in the field of outsourcing IT services in the education sector; from 2015 - 2016, he led the technical team of Trivision s.r.o. and from 2016-2018 he was the Sales Director of Trivision, then with a focus on healthcare. In 2018, he joined the University Hospital Ostrava as Deputy Director for IT, where he works. He has been actively involved in cybersecurity issues in the healthcare sector since 2016.