Michael A. Goedeker

Hybrid Warfare: Weapon of the Cyber Age and how Your Business is the Target

Hybrid Warfare and its related tactics have completely changed the playing field in terms of how we teach, do and implement security today. Firewalls, Proxies, VPNs are all good but we have attackers that use Cyber Weapons and tactics of Espionage and Intelligence when scoping you, their target. This talk focuses on some of the tactics used and how we can take awareness of those tactics to turn the tables. Cyber Defense skills are a must for any C-Level executive and Director because the threats we face no longer are found by the old methods we used to use.

Michael is the CEO of Hakdefnet and HDN Int as well as the Chief Training Officer of the Risk-Intelligence Academy. He is also an Author for IGI-Gobal writing about cyber security topics in management (including updates in 2020) as well as a security researcher finding, understanding and explaining various different types of Hybrid-Based Warfare attacks on the Financial Industry as well as Critical Infrastructure. Michael Earned his Masters of Science Degree in International Business and Cyber Security at the University of Ulster in Magee, Ireland. Has multiple security and intelligence certifications including Michael was an Officer for the USAF CAP (Civil Air Patrol) as an Emergency Services Pilot, is an Emergency Rescue , Master and Guide Rated Diver and Athlete running Half-Marathons.