Josef Donát


Banking identity: what is the new legislation about

In January, Parliament approved key changes for this year, enabling banking identities. Due to these changes, banks will be able to connect to the eGovernments’ systems like the National Point for Identification and Authentication, as well as the base registers.

How will the banking identity system work for the public and private sector, and under what conditions will banks gain access to key systems of the state? What security standards will the banking identity offer to service providers, who want to use it? These questions and more will be answered by one of the co-authors of the new legislation.


Josef, holder of the prestigious Lawyer of the Year award in the field of ICT law for 2014, is the head of the ICT Law specialization at law firm ROWAN LEGAL as well as being a registered mediator under Czech law. He has been involved in large-scale projects in the field of IT outsourcing, cloud computing, electronic evidence, cyber protection, privacy, and the provision of information systems.

He provided legal support to two out of the three major banks in the Czech Republic with the identification of critical information infrastructure elements under the Cyber Security Act. Josef also leads a team which provides legal support for the banking identity project of the Czech Banking Association.