Benedikt Vangeli

State response to hybrid threats and disinformation

What are hybrid threats? Why is disinformation dangerous? And what is the Czech state doing to protect its interests and those of its citizens from hybrid campaigns and disinformation? B. Vangeli will offer answers to these and other questions in his presentation, which will focus on why and how the issue of hybrid threats first began to be addressed at the national level, what progress has been made over the last couple of years, and what are the the biggest challenges that the Czech Republic is currently facing in this regard.

Benedikt Vangeli, head of the Centre against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats of the Ministry of the Interior

Originally a legal specialist in matters pertaining to internal security policy, he started working on hybrid threats and disinformation a few years ago in the context of new and emerging security threats. He is currently head of the Centre for Terrorism and Hybrid Threats of the Ministry of the Interior. This specific unit deals with hybrid threats, especially in the context of internal security - analysing their effects, proposing measures to counter them and communicating about them with the public.