Tomáš Rosa


Electronic attack vectors of computer interfaces

The aim is to highlight attack vectors that are often somewhat sidelined in software-oriented policies. Yet it is HW integrity that allows to achieve SW integrity, and not the other way around. This concerns in particular HDMI, USB 2.0 to USB-C and NFC. The issue of trustworthiness of the internal buses of mobile devices will also be discussed, especially in relation to biometrics. The lecture also touches on the issue of electromagnetic pulses, but it is not described further.

Tomáš Rosa

Tomáš holds Ph.D. in cryptology with the Best Doctoral Work Award of his alma mater for the year 2004. He actively develops and promotes general mathematical modelling of security systems. Natural application of this approach is, for instance, the side and covert channels cryptanalysis, where he gained notable results. His work helped to improve many world-wide standards, such as: PGP, TLS, EMV payment protocol, Bluetooth, and GNSS. Tomáš is the chief mathematical security architect at the Cryptology and Biometrics Competence Centre of Raiffeisen Bank International group. He also lectures mathematical modelling of security at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague.