Constantinos Kerigan-Kyrou


Cyberspace, Hybrid, and Multi-Dimensional Security Challenges to Czechia, NATO, and the EU.

Hybrid War and Hybrid Threats are at the forefront of everyone’s minds due to the horrendous and illegal invasion of Ukraine. Hybrid threats - the merging of ‘military’ and ‘non military’ threats - have actually existed for many years. The military has never operated in a vacuum, and yet issues such as energy security, transport, civilian logistical supply lines, and healthcare have a clear 'cross over' into the effectiveness of our security.

Cybersecurity is the security of cyberspace -  the online environment in which we all live and work. Cybersecurity is driving the focus of a renewed analysis of the hybrid threats and challenges we face.

This presentation will examine the context of the new, emerging hybrid threat environment which cyberspace has infinitely expanded. It seeks to identify the problems, but also the proposed solutions, that we can evoke in order to adapt to the new security realities we will face over the coming years. The cybersecurity challenges faced by Czechia, the EU, and  NATO are complex, multidimensional and vast. Because of this, solutions based on technology are simply not enough; cybersecurity solutions can only be based around how we organise and facilitate our cyber defence holistically involving every person within our societies.

Constantinos Kerigan-Kyrou

Dinos leads the cybersecurity education within the Irish Defence Forces Joint Command & Staff Course. Dinos is Senior Lecturer in Abertay University's Division of Cybersecurity. He is a NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme (NATO DEEP), instructor. He is a co-author of the NATO/PfPC Cybersecurity Reference Curriculum and the new Hybrid War and Hybrid Threats Reference Curriculum. He is a member of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Working Group developing blended and hybrid learning for NATO and Partner Nations. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, and a British Standards Institution qualified Lead Auditor in Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001). He lives in County Leitrim, Ireland.