Antonín Hlavinka


AI in healthcare from the perspective of a medical device

This lecture focuses on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, especially in the context of medical devices and current legislation in the Czech Republic. Participants will learn about the importance of AI in modern healthcare, including improving diagnosis and treatment, personalized medicine, predictive modelling, and streamlining healthcare to reduce costs. The presentation will also explore the challenges associated with AI medical device certification, such as ensuring safety and efficacy, ethical issues, continuous learning and model updates, liability and legal issues, interoperability and integration, and training and adaptation of healthcare professionals. 

Antonín Hlavinka

Ing. Antonín Hlavinka: CIO and Deputy CEO at the Olomouc University Hospital, where he is also the ICT Coordinator of the National Telemedicine Center (NTMC). Since 2019, the NTMC has been the competence center of the Ministry of Health for telemedicine. He is in charge of the complete implementation of the e-Health system of the Olomouc Region, including a portal for patients and general practitioners. In the e-Health system, all health care facilities in the Olomouc Region are to be connected, and subsequently the connection will be extended to other important university and regional hospitals. It is part of the "Healthy IT" close group for innovation in healthcare, serving as an advisory body to the Minister of Health.