Advisors IS2 2024


Jakub Šimko, KInIT

Jkub Šimko is a researcher in the areas of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, human computation, crowdsourcing and human-AI symbiosis. His research domain is disinformation combatting through automatic detection of disinformation content, fact-checker support and auditing of social media recommender systems. He graduated from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, where, after receiving his PhD, he worked for 7 years as a researcher and teacher. Since 2020 he has been an Expert researcher at Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies, where he also leads the Web and User Data Processing team. He co-authored more than 30 internationally recognized publications, together receiving more than 200 citations. Currently, he is participating on 4 European research projects. In 2021, the auditing research he participated in was awarded the Best Paper Award at the prestigious ACM RecSys conference