Antonín Hlavinka


The biggest threats to Czech hospitals and hospital alignment with the Cyber Security Law

It is not only the Czech healthcare sector that is continuously facing cyber threats, but in the time of the Covid pandemic, attacks on the Czech healthcare sector in particular are significantly more frequent and malicious. I would like to take you through the current situation in large Czech hospitals that have recently undergone ISMS implementation in alignment with the Cybersecurity Act. We will review the biggest problems and relatively surprising findings after the first audit by the National Institute for Cyber and Information Security. We'll outline a strategy for convincing hospital executives to take KB implementation seriously and focus on the important points in implementing an ISMS, and finally, we'll look at designing an appropriate policy when dealing with healthcare systems and equipment vendors.

Antonín Hlavinka

Ing. Antonín Hlavinka: CIO and Deputy CEO at the Olomouc University Hospital, where he is also the ICT Coordinator of the National Telemedicine Center (NTMC). Since 2019, the NTMC has been the competence center of the Ministry of Health for telemedicine. He is in charge of the complete implementation of the e-Health system of the Olomouc Region, including a portal for patients and general practitioners. In the e-Health system, all health care facilities in the Olomouc Region are to be connected, and subsequently the connection will be extended to other important university and regional hospitals. It is part of the "Healthy IT" close group for innovation in healthcare, serving as an advisory body to the Minister of Health.