Namrata Goswami

Cyberwar: China’s Role in the World

This lecture will highlight China’s role in the world, with regard to cyber warfare. It will highlight the growing sophistication of the PLA to conduct cyber reconnaissance and sustain cyber intrusions. It will delineate China strategy of denying any role in the cyber-attacks, that is traced to Chinese servers, by explaining them away as the overzealous moves of Chinese citizens. China’s growing sophistication with Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and outer-space will only improve its cyber warfare capabilities in the future. A few strategic scenarios will also be discussed.

Namrata is an independent strategic analyst, author and consultant on counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, alternate futures, and great power politics. She was working on ethnic conflicts in India’s Northeast, counter-terrorism and China-India border conflict. Her research and expertise generated opportunities for collaborations abroad, and she accepted visiting fellowships at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway; the La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia; and the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She won the prestigious MINERVA grant awarded by the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense (OSD) to study great power competition in the grey zone of outer space.